today i went to the grapes pub in sheffield (where arctic monkeys played their first gig) and the landlady said alex was there last month and she showed me the room where they played and their gold vinyl and everything. she also put 24 credits in the jukebox so i could play some of their stuff



Ooh that humbug hair

Oh Wow


But I missed the train
And then the traffic was a state


Riffs from every song off of Arctic Monkeys’ AM album all played in one go on an acoustic guitar.

"People think I’m a miserable bastard, but it’s just the way me face falls."

Interviewer: Do you sometimes recognize fans you’ve seen before in the audience?

Alex Turner: I don’t even recognize the rest of the band sometimes

"Alex is one of the great lyric writers of this generation" 
-Josh Homme [x]