But we were weak too.


As many of you probably know, I love Arctic Monkeys and I promised my friend I’d give her the link to download their songs and then someone asked me anonymously if I could post the link to everyone else, so here it is:


Extras include: Bigger Boys And Stolen Sweethearts, Catapult, Da Frame 2R, Electricity, Evil Twin, Fright Lined Dining Room, Leave Before The Lights Come On, Matador, No Buses, Katy On A Mission, Plastic Tramp, R U Mine, Red Right Hand, Sketchead, Strange, The Afternoon’s Hat, The Bakery, The Death Ramps, The Nettles, Too Much Too Ask and You And I.

Some songs are missing and it was either because I was too lazy to organize it and add to the zip or because I don’t have it in my computer, sorry. If any link or song is not working, message me and I’ll upload it again!

JAN. 17, 2013 - EDIT: People messaged me saying the links were broken so I uploaded them all again on ge.tt and also added Who The Fuck Are Arctic Monkeys? EP if anyone wants it.




AM | Bonnaroo 2014 [x]

"I feel like I should just flip out and do something crazy. It’s boring when people tell me I’m really well grounded. I feel a little bit sensible ? I don’t want to be that."


Pall and the guys

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